My level 99 Monk from Final Fantasy XI

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Painting done!!!

Today I finally finished painting. I can finally pack away most of the painting stuff for a bit and move to the next stage. I'll be replacing all the electrical switches and outlets in the downstairs and then its furniture and studio set up time. I took some pics, but cannot find the damn cable to get the pics off the camera and onto the computer. :(

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Spring Break

Welcome back captive audience, I have loosened up the restraining collars a little this week so you can turn you head to the slide show.

I celebrated my 6th wedding anniversary to the best wife on the planet this past week and then had the week off with here because of spring break. I had planned to finish painting and setting up my studio but, didn't happen. We had a great week since FFXI was down due to Japans situation we spent most of the time doing other stuff. BOught Dragon Age 1 and 2. I really like #1, but #2 seems like a lame half ass spin off. You can't dress the other party members? I can kinda forgive not getting to pick your race because of the plot, but come on, at least use different maps. I give it 2 out of 5 :(

Also bought Swarm for the 360 off Xbox live and enjoyed many hours killing hundreds of thousands of little blue men. It is awesome.

Friday, March 18, 2011

My First watching of Warhammer 40k 5th Ed game

     A rare thing happened tonight. My wife had to attend some after work activities and I got the night free. I've been working hard this week painting the downstairs den in anticipation of getting my studio set back up. After 6 hours of painting yesterday, I spent today doing some errands and unpacking my Tau Army. I had decided to go to Dicehead Games to watch and maybe get in a game of Warhammer 40k 5th edition.
     I had already researched and I think almost all of my old Codexes are dead and useless now, except for Tau, Witch Hunters, Demon Hunters(this will be defunct in >2 months as Codex Grey Knights is coming out) and Dark Angels. I had noticed my Tau near the top of my mountain of gaming stuff and pulled them out.
     I made a standard army list using the Codex Tau Empires, while visions of battles in the past floated in my head. Then I packed them all up and headed to Dicehead.
     I arrived at Dicehead around 7:00pm later than I wanted but oh well. I was once again struck by the lack of product. I really don't know how the shop stays in business. It really looks like they only sell comic books, 40k, Warhammer, Flames of War, a small array of board games and Magic the Gathering cards. I'm sure there are other card games but I didn't look too close.
     Since I had brought Tau I just looked to see what they had. All I found was 1 box of Firewarriors and 1 Box of Kroot. I guess Tau are not popular since they are one of the oldest books now, but I'd hoped for a Piranha or a Crisi Suit.
     Anyways, I'd arrived to 2 players setting up for a game of 40k. A pair of nicely painted armies were facing off, Spave Wolves VS Witchhunters which was 99% sisters of battle, there was a preacher or something in 1 squad that was the only non sister model. I spent the next hour and a half ducking a cameraman and trying to stay out of the way to observe this game. Honestly the biggest thing that surprised me was all the Rhinos. The entire Sisters force was in Rhinos, I belive there were 6 Rhinos, supported by 2 Immolaters and 3 exorcists. The Space wolves had 4 Rhinos with troops inside, 3 Long Fang squads without transports, a large groups of marines on wolves(that was new to me, need to check if those were GW models or someone elses) and 2 scouts squads who were in reserve.
     I won't bore you with play by play action, but it really seemed very close to Third Edition. Other than shooting through terrain and tanks. I'm guessing blocking line of sight is gone now. The Space Wolf player just walked over the Sisters though. it was like curb stomping someone in Gears of War. Rhinos exploded link tissue paper. leaving craters behind (Space Wolf guy had custom Rhino sized craters to deploy his troops in but he ended up giving these to the Sisters player. I think the Sisters lost 4 tanks in the 1st round of Long Fang shooting and another 3 in the 2nd turn.
    I would have liked to stay and watch the final moments, but when I left the Space Wolf Scouts had just arrived from the back side of the board and were destroying the 2 remaing Exorcists. I think the Sisters player had ~15 models left alive and this was only turn 3.
    I still have the urge to start playing again, but Fridays seem dead. There was only 1 other 40k game going on and it was just as one sided, Blood Angels Vs Chaos, the Chaos player had not playied in 4 years and just didn't have the right army/models to stop the Blood Angels. 

In the beginning....

Hello captive audience I hope the restraints are not too tight. I just want to welcome you to The Bitz Box. I'm mainly attempting to chronicle my return to my much beloved and missed hobbies of painting tiny toy soldiers and pushing them across a table, but I suspect I'll wander from time to time to other subjects.