My level 99 Monk from Final Fantasy XI

Friday, May 17, 2013

Wow, how fast a year has flown by. Since I'm between semesters I'm going to try and post a little more here. At least until summer semester starts.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

40k 6th: The Pile In Problem

Ok, Here's the situation. 3 Tyranids all armed with Lash Whips, Get assaulted by 6 Bikers.

Here is the starting postion. 3 bikers in base contact,3 bikers within 2 inches,

Here's a normal pile in, the 3 not in base bikers move to base contact. Do they do it at I4 or I1.  Do all the bikers attack at I1?

I will start doing assaults this way then. The 3 not in base bikers cannot make it into base with the Tyranids now, so they will now get to strike at I4/

Friday, July 13, 2012


Heading to the ATC the American Team Championship. The really last 40k 5th Tournament.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Fantasy Lives

Got an exception treat today, got to play part of  a game of Warhammer Fantasy Battles. Had a really good time. Maybe can fuel a renaissance of WFB and find other players here in Chattanooga.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Defiler 3

I've assembled and done the base work on the Defiler as shown below. The majority of the conversion work will be to the external metal plates.
Here is a side by side shot of the front view. One of my main concerns for 'counts as' models is size. I want to reasonibly get the size the same. I think the height is close enough to count that as a success. The base of the Dreadknight is very close to the spread of the legs on the actual defiler so width is fine.
This shot reveals the one flaw, Depth is not the same. The back set of legs are 1 1/2 inches beyond the back of the base. Though honestly this only affects Blast Marker weapons who scatter.

This top view is a little more skew than it should be, Overall I am happy and don't expect any flak for taking this to friendly games or even any tournaments. It's height and width will let all the Missile launching, razorback hiding, Autocannon weilding players to shoot it just fine.

Defiler 2

Since Blogger being a pain, I've had to break up this post more than I wanted to. I went ahead and went overboard on the magnet's and did the upper arms as well. For rules this is going to be a defiler with 4 Close Combat Weapons and a Battle Cannon. I'm counting the 2 claws and the arms themselves as weapons. Here's a pic of the Defiler totall disarmed.

I'll so some side by sides to compare model size between this and a normal defiler to see what feedback I get.

Delifer Conversion

Last month I attended a very nice little tournament at Organized Play in Knoxviller, TN. I had a lto fo fun and walked away with Best Sportsmanship and a shiny new Grey Knight DreadKnight. Here is the story of how it got corrupted to Chaos.
This is a dry assembly picture. Not much has been done to the kit yet.

You may observe the claws instead of the hand from the normal kit. In my mind Chaos pretty much always has claws or some sort of sharp bits. The claws were made from the old Imperial Guard Bullbozer. Here they are shown cut apart.
Here you can see the claws glued together and the magnets I installed inside the wrist and to the claw itself. This will allow me to portray 'Weapon Destroyed' results very easily. I simply pull off the claw. Both arms have been modified this way.

Since a lot of people are kinda picky about vehicle destroyed markers I decided to just make it so I could destroy the defiler without removing it from the table. Here you can see 2 magnets installed in the waist section.
And the corresponding magnets in the upper section. I can now remove the top half of the model and just leave the base and legs standing on the battlefield to represent it being destroyed.