My level 99 Monk from Final Fantasy XI

Friday, August 26, 2011

Another sad week


The Class valedictorian of my wife's school died in a mototcycle accident this week. It's just incredibly sad to see someone who is a rising star. She was 4.0 student, class president, and valedictorian. Get killed in some senseless accident at the start of her senior year.
My wife all her coworkers and the students who knew her are all in shock and deep in sadness now. What a horrible way start a school year.

Monday, August 22, 2011

'Ard Boyz Wrap Up

I ended the 'Ard boyz tournament in dead last. Oh well I had hoped to finish much better but overall I had fun. I've got to get further away from 3rd and fully embrace 5th (or at least until 6th shows up next year)

Stuff I learned about the local Meta for tournaments

#1 8 players - 5 were SM, 1 eldar and 2 Ork Players. As normal SM is the army to build to fight against.
#2 Transports, Transports, Transports - All 3 armies I fought had 5-6 Rhinos. Razorbacks, Storm Ravens. I must build my future Ork builds to crack the crunchy outside and then crunch the chewy SM center.
#3 Deathstars really suck, can't rely on killing them outright with orks.
#4 Always hitting the rear armor on vehicles in assault is weird but I must just use it. my PK nobs at Str 9 on the charge. This is probably my most reliable way of breaking transports

Stuff I learned about Orks
#1 Not having the old Waagh Rules sucks. Old Rules I could double Initiative on the charge. So I went from 2 to 4. Now all Orks do is 2 to 3 with Furious Charge. So I will get hit and lose Orks before ever swinging a choppa
#2 Choppa how I miss you. No more 4+ Max Armor Save
#3 Meganoz died completely 2x before rolling any dice due to no longer having easy access to invulnerable saves. ( Using a Special character and one of my 2 precious HQ slots is not really an option)
#4 Increase to 12 Truck Boyz is nice.
#5 Increase to 5 DeathKoptas is nice and 2x Buzzsaws was awesome
#6 Due to always striking last 12 Truk Boyz is not enough bodies. Must increase unit size or double team in assault.
#7 KFF is not really optional - I save so many hits in the first 2 turns of most games I cannot see leaving this at home
#8 I've got to get used to my Warboss T5 is does make a difference he can survive S8 without instant death
#9 My old 3x Twin linked Big Shoota Trakks have just failed me for the last time. ever since sustained dice were removed it's been a slow and steady drop in power each edition. Gonna look for missiles to swap out the Shootas
#10 Deff Rollas - use them. Str 10 hits are so worth it.
#11 Scew Zzap guns. with the auto hit removed, its a worthless AP2 weapon.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Ard Boyz Round 3

After 2 losses I found myself at the bottom of the pile of dead bodies, but that also made it easier. Only 1 way to go and that was up.

I found myself fighitng Shane the store owner and his Space Marine army. In the beginning I was relaxed to not see 10+ terminators but I learned about Sternguard the hard way. 

Highlights of this game:
'Ard Boyz killing: 1 scout unit. 2 rhinos and 1 5 man SM squad, before meeting the Sternguard
5 Mega Nobs charge the Sternguard and evaporate before they even get to roll any dice.
Shane's poor beyond belief diffcult terrain rolls. I think his dread moved 6 inchs in 3 turns. Kept rolling, 1,2, 1,1, and 2,2 for movement.
Vindicator scattering and killing 2-3 of Shanes own marines.
Forgetting my Warboss. I had to deploy 1 hq and 2 troops at the start. I put my Warboss in a building and forgot about him until turn 4.

It was a good game and despite a loss by 520 points I had fun.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Ard Boyz Round 2

After a quick lunch. I headed back into the furnace that was Dicehead and moved to play my next opponent. I must confess I asked his name twice and still forgot it.
He had a Blood Angels army. I didn't get a list but here is what I remember

2x Storm Ravens
2x Scout squads - 4 sniper & 1 missile launcher
4x tactical squads all 5 man in Razor Backs, meltaguns everwhere
6 man assault terminator squad with an attached Priest/Apotecary? He gave Feel No Pain to the Terminators plus a Librarian
6 Man Terminator squad with a Librarian
2 sets of assault marines they both deepstruck in. not sure if one was some elite squad or not.
1-2 5 man devastator squad I think.
2 Landspeeders

The mission was Holding Objectives.  1 in each table quarter and 1 in very center of board.

For this game the Kustom Force Field was so awesome. I made saves on my 3 Battlewagons all over the place. Then the angels started landing.
1 squad of assault marines landed behind my advancing trukks. So I dropped off a squad and disembarked my Meganobz to deal with them. And ended up killing them with shooting. . . My Warboss was not happy. He hadn't killed a single beakie all day. ( In my first game I split my army to avoid the Lysander & 10 Terminators deathstar and my Meganobz never got stuck in)

This is where I got my green arse handed to me. I charged 12 boyz and a nob into the Terminator/Priest/Librarian Squad. The librarian gave them preferred enemy. So the 3 lighting claw marines were striking before me, rerolling to hit and to wound. 6 orks died. 2-3 more died to librarian/priest. I had 2 orks and a Nob left, between 2+ on the terms with FNP, the normal orks did nothing. The thunderhammer terms killed me off. The Nob missed 3 out of 4 attacks. the 1 that did hit and wound, got blocked by storm shield.

My orks did manage to wreck the land speeders. My Death Koptas were the little bit of light. The 2 Buzzsaws opened up 3 razorbacks over the course of the game and killed 1 5 man tact squad. The big shootas were decent at glancing the razorbacks. 12 shots twin linked at armor 11 was enough to at least annoy them, Then assaulting with 4 str 7 hits was very nice.

I got assaulted by the 2nd terminator squad jumping out of a storm raven into my meganobz. and  no invulnerable saves meant my meganobz just evaporated. I ended up with just my warboss broken who was escorted off the board by the storm raven. Storm Ravens proceded to pound my Battlewagons into mush. Multimeltas and the ap1 rockets are nasty on rear armor.

The one Oh crap moment for my opponent was when my Big Mek managed to hit one of his Storm Ravens in Close Combat, but then he only rolled 2 for penetration, 9+2 = 11. 1 short of glancing the armor 12.

The result was a massacare for me. no Troops left for me. But I had a great game my opponent was a great guy and we just had fun. I wish I could remember his name. I would really like a rematch against him.

The game ended when my last troop was killed on the center objective.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Ard Boyz Battle 1

I got to Dicehad and got paired with Perry for round 1. Perry is idk maybe 13-14 and playing an Imperial Fists army. I don't own a copy of the current Space Marine codex so I only have the few games I've played to get used to any tricks they have.

.... I was going to type up Perry's list and go over our battle report, since I have a copy of his list here with me, But looking over this list. It's odd. His troops choices are pretty much all identical.
3 of these 10x SM, meltagun, missile launcher, a Sgt with bolter, bolt pistol, 2 with Rhino and 1 with Razorback
2x 5 SM squads,  4x bolters, 4x bolt pistols and Sgt with bolt pistol and Chain Sword.
In razor backs

I'll go ahead and list rest of army.
1x Lysander
2x dreadnoughts in Drop Pods
10 Terminators 2x Cyclones
3 x 10 man marine squads
2x 5 man marine squads
1x 5 scout squad. ( on list listed as 4x sniper rifle for squad, and sgt has a sniper rifle also) Perry spent the game shooting at me with 4 sniper and 1 missle launcher. . .)

Its the tactical squads that caused me issues.
When I encountered these squads I expected to get hit with 6 attacks at Str 4. 4 attacks from the normal marines and 2 from the Sgt.  To my suprise the Sgts were hitting me with 4 attacks and Str 6 power weapons. Perry said he had spcial power weapons that added +2 str that he paid extra for. Looking at the attached summary I see that Chainswords grant + 1 attack just like any other close combat weapon but nothing mentioning Str +2. I do see that it looks like all Sgts start with 2 attacks base and +1 attack for Bolt Pistol and Chain sword. I was totally hosed by these squads. I would charge in with my Orks. get hit with 8 dice from normal marines ( apparently tact marines get 2 dice each) and then 4 Str 6 attacks from the Sgt. Id lose 4-5 orks. I'd attack back kill 2-3 marines and lose combat and get run down thanks to orc initative. This happened to my 4 boyz squads and the hard boyz squad.

At the time I was Ok with my 13-8 loss, despite Perry trying to misplace frag templates. He kept arguing that he didn't have to center them over a models base. He tried to shoot one of my Battlewagons when all he could see was a tip of a missile. That I couldn't attack with some of my orks. He kept saying it was only models within 2 inches of his models. Not within 2 inchs of a model is base contact.

Say we had this:


1- SM
A,B&C are all orks.
25 MM bases are basically 1 inch across all models are touching each others bases

By his rules only Orks A and B can attack because  C is more than 2 inchs from his marine
By my reading of the rules A,B&C can all attack, because the distance between A and C is the 1 inch of models B base. This makes a huge difference for Orks since Close Combat is where we do our damage.

I expect that rule disagrements will come up especially in a tournament. I'm Ok when things happen, but after all the different stuff that Perry pulled on me and looking at his list now I really have no desire to play this kid again.

Red Jaw back on the Waaaggh again.

So my mission was to attend "Ard Boyz. A 2500 point no composition, no painting score tournament. I had 10 days to bring my army out of retirement, blow the dust off, get the grots all slapped. tell the boyz it was time to go to war and get the nobz all oiled so their mega armor would move again.

I pulled out all the stops and painted like a mad man. Ended up painting up 40+ Orks. transformed my Omega Marines Land Raider into a Battlewagon for the Deffwing ( Ork Mega Nobs AKA Deffwing) Converets up a Spave Wolf Landraider into another Battlewagon. I had enough money from ebay to buy the Black Reach set to get my hands on more Orks. So off to Dicehead and picked that up. I finally had enough models and it was time to start the Waaagh Red Jaw back up. Here's my list.

HQ - Mega Armored Warboss. Ammo Runt

Big Mek with Kustom Forcefield, Power Klaw

Elite - 10 Burnas - Mounted in Old school Battlewagon ( Converted Mk 1 Landraider

5 Mega Armored Nobs - 2 Rokit, 2 Skorcha, (WTF no more retinue for Orks, no option for Cybork bodies. . .)  Mounted in Battlewagon - Death Roller, enclosed, extra armor, 2x rokit, 1 zaap gun

Troops - 4 squads of 12 boyz each in a Trukk - Nob with Power Claw, all with 1 rokit,

12 Hard Boyz - Nob with PK, big shoota (already painted/modeled) in Trukk

19 boyz - nob PK no special/heavy weapons - Mounted in Space wolf mobile

Fast Attack - 4x Deffkoptas 4x twinlinked big shootas ( the old metal models) 2x buzz saws

3x Trakks 3x Twin Heavy Shootas

3x Buggies - 2x Twin Linked Rokits, 1x Skorcha ( Hate mixing squads but all were painted already)

Heavy Support
Battlewagon - Mk 1 Land Raider - 2 big shootas, 1 zzap gun Holds Burnas and Big Mek with KFF

Battlewagon - Deff Squad - 2x rokits, 2x heavy shootas - Hold the 19 boyz squad

All Battlewagons are setup with Ard case ( not open topped anymore) Armor Plates ( stunned becomes shaken) Deff Rollers, grot riggers

Overall plan was the same run forward and get stuck in. The KFF battlewagon is hugged by the other 2 battlewagons to survive the storm of fire they are going to take.

Back in the Guard again.

Once I was officiall back in to hobby mode for 40k my first choice was to pick an army. I lucked up and found a copy of the current Imperial Guard Codex at a local used book store. So I pulled out my Death Corp of Krieg from there spot in storage. I havn't used them since the Battle for Armageddon which was 7+ years ago so they were out of date. \
I got an invite to play at a local gamers house and did a 2 v 1 game. 2x 1000 points of guard VS 2000 Space Wolves. It was a really enjoyable game. I kept making mistakes thinking of 3rd rules but the guys were nice enough to help me over the rough spots.
I then managed to get in a 2v2 game at Dicehead after spending the evening watching several games. Wow has 40k changed. So many transports... and Nothing but Space Marines everywhere. I learned that my infantry guard suck now. This new Kill Point system is broken. 1 point per squad. A Space Marine squad worth 150 + points is 1 KP. My 3 Imperial Guard squads costing 50 points each are 1 KP per squad. So The SM player only has to kill 2 IG squads to get 2 points. This is so broken. I wondered how come Deathwing armies were winning games but a 1500 point Deathwing squad is maybe 6-7 KP. My IG are 15+ for the same points. I just decided to give up on my IG for now. I don't have the $$$ to change my IG to a Mech. Vet Army with Vendattas.
I had already commited to play in the upcoming 'Ard Boyz tournament which had the bonus benefit of being free, but it's 2500 points.
So after these revalations I decided it was time to reach into my minature collection and pull another army out of storage.
Hmm Tau - I have 2000 points and my codex is still usable, but I never tuned my Tau into a competive army. It was more of a demo army. Pretty much just 1 of each unit. No way to make it up to 2500 easily.
Space Marines: I have who knows how many points of SM lying around. I did a custom chapter years ago. Called the Omega Marines. I simply used the Ultramarines transfers turned upsidedown to give my the Omega Symbol. Since it was a custom chapter I would buy the special rules for various codexes. I played them as Vanilla, Space Wolf, Blood Angels, Black Templars, Dark Angels, etc all I needed was the Codex. Of all my Codexes only Dark Angels was still valid. But I need the core SM codex to make it work. I just decided that in my 3 visits to Dicehead all I saw was SM, 10+ games watched all SM vs SM. I'm  selling off my marines and just not playing them.
Tyranids - my models are so out of date and from reading the various forums Nids just suck atm. If current players could see a 2nd Ed codex or the even better 3rd Ed build your own hive fleet lists they would pull out pitchforks and torches and head to GW HQ demanding a rewrite.
Chaos - I know I said no SM. but Chaos always played differently enough for me to consider them. Then I looked up the embarsement of a codex they have. . . . WTF screw this crap.
Sisters of Battle - Thought briefly about this but, sold my sisters on ebay instead, \
Grey Knights - New codex just came out and I've seen 4+ grey knight armies and no cash to buy new models to /off list. Plus they were SM.
Dark Eldar - I have enough points but all my raiders and ravagers are broken from moving and storage. Plus I hate transporting this army. Stuff always breaks. /off list
Eldar - I really enjoyed Eldar back in 2nd edition. Dangerous Farseers. Exarchs that were extremely cusomisable. etc, etc. But I just never felt they were good enough in 3rd Ed and I don't have the vehicles to bring them up to snuff in 5th.
Necrons - not enough models and my Star Wars Storm Trooper paint job just didn't turn out like I wanted.
Demons - I found a copy of the codex at teh used book store, but after looking at it and my models. It just didnt work. I used to have a Nurgle CSM army that I took to the 1997 Grand Tournament and came in 9th place overall with. But that was 2nd Ed and Nurgle has taken a hit ever since then. So Demons are out. PLus all mine on square bases and I didn't want issues with the old base size debate.
So all this lead me back to Orks. I built a Speed Freak List for the Battle of Armageddon Codex and they still looked viable.

Summer mega post

It's been a busy summer. With my wife home for the summer since she's a teacher I havnt posted anything. For a quick recap I finished painting our basement and got my game table, painting area and den set up. Also got our master bath redone completly. Our kitchen 1/2 redone. have new cabinets and flooring down. 1/2 of our hall bath is done. Was a real rush to get it all done.
I've decided to go back to school and going to Chat State as part of their new Wacker Institute. No job is guranteed but 53k sounds a whole lot better than all the jobs i've been looking at. I'm still looking for a job, just only part time now instead of full time.
Since I'm going back to school and my wife's job is always busy at the start of a new school year we have decided to completely quit Final Fantasy XI. Money is really tight because we spent 8 weeks without a working kitchen due to renovations. Ended up eating up part of our savings just to put food on the table. But life sucks for everyone now it seems. The final straw for quiting was FFXI changing their billing policy and making us buy Crysta or pay a shady 3rd party company calling Click and Buy. If you go with Crysta you never can pay the exact amount you owe. I'm an adult I don't overpay my bills. If the bill is 20.95 then I pay just that amount. I'm not buying 25$ of Crysta to pay a bill of $20.95. Totally retarded. And searching for Click and Buy finds nothing but hundreds of complaints. So I canceled all 3 of my accounts this week. Goodbye FFXI but you suck too much for me to play anymore.

If you look at my profile you'll see I have a huge collection of Games Workshop models. In order to make ends meet I'm selling off a huge amount of minatures. Check out ebay.com, Seller lordzerr.

Unpacking all my models to sell finally got me back in the mood to start playing again. I've wanted to since December last year but just didn't feel like I had the time or energy to restart the hobby after a 5 year break. Thanks to an old friend Waaghboss, I was able to get a 40k rule book and finally managed to meet a few people through the Fixed Dice gaming group and got some games in.