My level 99 Monk from Final Fantasy XI

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Shooty Orks?

Well the Necron codex is out and at this point I'm feeling Close Combat is definitely not worth it any more. My games with my Orks have all recently boiled down to: race forward, jump out of Battlewagon, Assault Rhino/Chimera. Kill aforementioned Chimera/Rhino. The Ork Squad of 20 disappears to swath of Heavy Flamers, Multilasers, Psycannons, Missile Launchers. If any Orks Survive they normally get to assault and wipe out either the squad from the Chimera/Rhino they destroyed on the previous turn or attack another one.

My local meta has just devolved into troops in mobile bunkers, and Close Combat is just not cutting it.

So here's an idea, probably half baked and will never work, but I give you shooty MSU Orks:

110 -Big Mek - Kustom Forcefield & Burna - Will be in one of the Trukks

110 - Big Mek - Kustom Forcefield & Burna - Will be in one of the Battle Wagons


150 - 10 Lootas
150 - 10 Lootas
150 - 10 Lootas


110 - 10 Orks with Shootas, 1 Rokit Launcher, Mounted in Trukk with Rokit Launcher
110 - 10 Orks with Shootas, 1 Rokit Launcher, Mounted in Trukk with Rokit Launcher
110 - 10 Orks with Shootas, 1 Rokit Launcher, Mounted in Trukk with Rokit Launcher
110 - 10 Orks with Shootas, 1 Rokit Launcher, Mounted in Trukk with Rokit Launcher
110 - 10 Orks with Shootas, 1 Rokit Launcher, Mounted in Trukk with Rokit Launcher
110 - 10 Orks with Shootas, 1 Rokit Launcher, Mounted in Trukk with Rokit Launcher

Fast Attack

70 - 2 Warbuggies with TL Rokits
70 - 2 Warbuggies with TL Rokits
35 - 1 Warbuggy with TL Rokits

Heavy Support

150 - Battlewagon - Killcannon & 'Ard case
150 - Battlewagon - Killcannon & 'Ard case
150 - Battlewagon - Killcannon & 'Ard case

Overall shots In perfect world

10-30 Str 7 shots Deffguns
12 Rokit Str 8
5 TL Rokit Str 8
3 Str 7 Ordanance shots
108 Str 4 Shoota shots
2 Burna Templates/Power weapon hits

Deployment would most likely be either Hammer and Anvil - Hammer being all the Buggie and Trukks on one side and the 3 BW and 3 lootas being the anvil. With 2 Meks centrally located to spread the Kustom Forcefield as much as possible.


2 Prong - Split up the force evenly as possible,
Force 1 -Mek, 3 trukks, 3 buggies, 1 BW
Force 2 - Mek - 3 trukks, 2 buggies, 2 BW

With the Lootas providing covering fire.


Sunday, October 23, 2011

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Recent stuff

Past few days have been a rollercoaster. I went to the Chattanooga Classic Warhammer 40,000 tournament this past Saturday and overall had fun. I could not have gotten off on a more wrong foot though. I arrived early to CBC and met Phil wandering the streets outside. I pulled out my army case and a rubbermaid container I had packed my Ork vehicles into. I turned to talk to Phil and then hear the sound of my vehicle container hit the ground and crack open. Parts went flying into the streets. I quickly scooped up what I could find and just then realized I had left 1 of my Battlewagons at home. F#**. I went in, Found Wiley and said BRB. Raced home. Grabbed extra super glue and my 3rd Battlewagon. I rushed back. Furiously glued various guns, gretchin, and parts back together. I thought, OK, can't get any worse.
Famous last words. I get my first table assignment and get a wonderful guy known as The Dude to play. I open my figure case and F*&@ it's my Skaven Army looking at me, I'd grabbed the wrong case. Quick call to my wife. and She says she'll get ready and bring my missing case.

Eventually she shows up, I run out, grab the case, toss the Skaven in the car and continue playing.

My army list

Big Mek - Kustom Forcefield


19 Boyz, 1 Rokkit, Nob, Power Klaw, Bosspole.
19 Boyz, 1 Rokkit, Nob, Power Klaw, Bosspole
20 Boyz, 2 Rokkit, Nob, Power Klaw, Bosspole
5 MegaNobz, 2 Rokkit, 2 Skorcha, 1 twin Shoota, in Trukk.

Fast Attack
3 Death Koptas - 3x twin Rokit
3 Death Koptas - 3x twin Rokit
4 Death Koptas - 4x twin Big Shootas, 2 with Buzz Saws

Heavy Support
BattleWagon, 2x Big Shoota, Hard Case(no longer Open topped) Death Roller
BattleWagon, 2x Rokits, Hard Case(no longer Open topped) Death Roller
BattleWagon, 2x Big Shoota, 2x Rokits, Hard Case(no longer Open topped) Death Roller

Huge mistake here was not cutting something and adding army plates.

Battle Summary -

1st game VS Blood Angels - Awesome game, total blood bath, We tied Primary and Secondary Objectives. Came down to me having 2 more Kill Points than him.

2nd game - Leafblower IG. got stomped, I had 1 Mega Nob, 1 immobolised Battlewagon at end.

3rd game - IG Opponent was great guy. for some reason, reserved too much of his army and I was able to kill it piecemeal. I took the primary objective, secondary objective and lost none of my Troops to win Tertiary objective as well.

Had some after battle discussions with some of the players. I've come to the conclussion that this edition is ruled by the transports and Shooting. HtH is dead, unless you are a Marine.


I hate Pet Smart now.
Not only did they charge me twice for something, it's really sad when you pretty much have to throw a fit to get someone to answer a question on how you can buy a bag of prescription dog food. Then have to beg them to place a simple F***ing phone call so you can confirm, yes, your dog has terminal liver cancer, and yes, you really do need this bag of $55.00 dog food so that the dog can hopefully live a few more days/weeks. Why am I upset? It's not like just had another trip to the fertility dr, because we are not pregnant again, we have only lost 2 pregnancies, 3 babies total, and now the closest thing to a 'child' we have has developed terminal cancer. No that couldn't be the case.

And since sarcasm never comes across well on the internet, Yes I'd been to a visit to the fertility Dr, yes, we are not pregnant yet, yes, we needed that dog food to hopefully let our dog enjoy a few more days/weeks of life.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Worst Year Ever

September 27, 2011 hopefully marks the end of my worst year ever. I hope. There is not much more that can happen to me without me cracking

Timeline for those that care

September 27,2010 - Get sent to a "meeting" at Blue Cross Blue Shield and told that I'm being laid off in 90 days unless I can find another job in the company.
November 25, 2010 - 2 days before Thanksgiving when my wife and I were going to tell our parents after 5 years of trying we had finally gotten pregnant. My wife started miscarrying. Due to the holiday this occured at home. I cannot describe the horror of that weekend.

December 27, 2010 - laid off from Blue Cross Blue Shield

January 6,2011 - My birthday, instead of celebrating, get to spend day in hospital because my wife is having surgery.

May 5, 2011 - We got pregnant a 2nd time thanks to some fertility treatments we started after my wife healed from her surgery. This time it was twins. May 5th we went for an ultrasound, No heartbeats, opted for a DNC instead of going for the natural miscarriage.

September 26, 2011 - My wife's first "child" her dog Gretchen, whom my wife adopted as a puppy and is now 13 years old is acting funny and losing weight. Took her to vet today, then on 9/28/11 took her to River Vet Specialists and got confirmation. She has a tumor in her liver. It is so large that the Vet says he can barely spot any normal liver structure left. We have gotten her on a round of antibiotics, special Canine Hepatatic liver dog food. Trying to make her comfortable. This is just hurting so bad.

I've left out some of the other stuff from this year of crap, like when I went to the 'Ard Boyz tournament our other dog had a seizure, when I went to a WHFB tournament the dishwasher flooded our partially remodeled kitchen. Our when I went to try and get a practice game in for the Chattanooga Classic, I was late and there were no opponents open except for the cheating POS Perry who I will never play again. I'm afraid to go to the actual Chat Classic tomorrow even though it's only 5 miles from my house, because I think Gretchen will probably die while I'm there. It's just been that crappy for the past year.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Round 3 O&G or OMG

Round 3 saw me facing the Orcs and Goblins

Army as far as I know was

Level 4 Orc Shaman


level 2 goblin shaman

40 Savage Orcs

40 Savage Orc BIg UNs

50ish Night Goblins in Horde

12 Trolls

2 Mangler Squigs

Doom Diver

My good luck the previous game evaporated. My opponent got whatever the new Warpath spell is called off every magic phase and stomped 4-5 times each go. Due to my deployment he kept positioning the template hitting my Grey Seer and the clan rat unit he was in. And one of my HPA. I think I should have been getting Look Out Sir in retrospect, but it is a template so, got to look that up. Anyways stomp killed my Grey Seer in turn one and I was magically overwhelmed the rest of the game.

My clanrat/Warlord unit got into a fight with the trolls and here the Fellblade continued to fail me. The nice thing is with T4, 4 wound, 3+ armor save is really nice in a Skaven army. Bad thing is he cannot hide in any units. Since he is monstrous calvary. Even in a unit of Rat Ogres he could be picked out since they are Monstrous Infantry.

With my level 4 dead. Stomp, doom diver and manglers managed to bring down 1 HPA before it got into combat. The 2nd HPA made it into combat, with the goblins but later got flanked by the Big Uns and killed.

WFB Tourney round 2

Round 2 saw me doing a meeting engagement VS Lizardmen.

His Army

Slann - with thou shalt not get to keep any 6's ability

Saurus BSB

2 blocks of 25-30 Saurus

1 Skinks ~20 with 3 Kroxigor embedded

2 Salamander

2 units of cameleon skinks

Mission was a battle in the pass with us setting up on the narrow sides of the table 24 inches apart. Becasue of this both units of Chameleon skinks were able to infiltrate behind me and were pains in the butte the entire time.

Due to a house being in the way I ended up with my Warlord/clanrat/warp fire thrower unit being alone on 1 side of the house and the rest of the army clusted around my Grey Seer/clanrat unit on the other side. Grey Seer was general because I wanted the warlord to be expendible.

My opponents dice mainly decided to suck this game. The Warlords unit got double charged in the front by 1 Saurus Block with BSB and the Skink/Krox unit. And the Warlord's unit won combat 4 times in a row. The Fellblade was epic fail with usually only 2 of 4 attacks hitting and then only getting 1 wound. Bonebreaker was epic though killing 2 saurus a turn by himself. Clanrats poured attack onto the skinks and thanks to that kept winning the combat.

My Warpfire thrower misfired on its 1st shot, ran into the side of the house and exploded. . . .

One HPA got hit by Salamander and OMG do this things really have as many rules as this player was claiming? flaming attacks, massive - on the armor save and if you shoot them, it can hit the skinks instead and even if you hit the salamander you still just remove skinks. rules were really wacky and complicated. \

HPA's didn't die, only got to combat on the last turn and both got into  the other saurus unit and Wow, squishy lizards. Sauruse didn't run, but I never expect lizard men to run.

Last turn saw one of the slave blocks hit the side of the saurus unit involved with the warlord units combat and cause me to win that combat and break those units. I think I ran them both down, not sure.

My Grey Seer was stifled by the Slann most of the game, but in turn 3 I think, managed to Cracks Call and 1 shot the Slann.

My Gutter runners decided to come on behind my army and hence behind the cameleon shinks. Was able to destroy 1 unit and got the other unit down to 1 model left.

result Skaven win by Massacare - 1000 or so points in Skaven favor
Only VP Lizardment actually got were from the Warpfire thrower team.

Warhammer Fantasy Tournament

I attended a WFB tournament at Dicehead games. It was 2000 point limit and no other restrictions. I have a couple of pics in my Skaven link.

My army list was

Grey Seer - nekkid

Warlord - HA, Shield

This capped out my Lord limit hence no magic items on the Grey Seer


Level 1
Dispel Scroll
Death Globe

Doom Rocket


50 Slaves

50 Slaves

39 Clanrats - Full Cmd, Shields LA

36 Clanrats  - Full Cmd, Shields LA
Warp Fire Thrower

9 Gutter runners - Slings, poison


Hell pit abomination

Hell pit abomination

This army was an updated version of my old 13^2 Rogue trader army. But ouch times have changed.

I fought 3 battles for the tournament

Round 1 VS gunline Empire

I didn't get a copy of the army list so here it is as I remember it

Arch Lector on the War Altar

Luthor Hess on horse

Level 2 Metal Wizard

Level 2 Light Wizard


Unit of ~30 Swords men

Unit of 20 Knights

and I don't remember a 3rd core unit


Steam Tank

2 Mortars

2 Cannons

The mission was the diagonal deployment and you rolled to see if your units got delayed. My dice hated me and 4 units got delayed. 1 Slave Unit, 1 Clanrat unit, BSB and Warlock with dispel scroll

Unfortunately my opponent didn't have his army ready to go when we started and ~15 minutes were lost waiting on that. And since I can't leave the house without something going wrong. Last tournament one of our dogs had a seizure, this time kitchen flooding again. I cost us 5-10 minutes on phone calls on that.

Between that delay and a call from my wife about our dishwasher overflowing into the kitchen we were only able to get through 3 turns.

My highlights. I got irrestiable force on Skitterleap to put my warlock with death globe next to the Steam tank, and promtly lost 3 levels from the miscast chart. My other spell was Sealed of destructioned away. So level 1 no spell grey Seer.  Warlock then managed to toss the Death Globe 8 inches away from the Steam tank and died to grapeshot the next turn. I brought my Gutter Runners onto the table behind the gunline and forgot to shoot with them. Opponent declined to let me go back and shoot with them because we had already started HtH.
Warlord on Bonebreaker in clanrat unit ate a cannonball and died. So never got to evaluate him this battle.
Warpfire thrower, misfire and died on 1st attempted shooting.

Units of 50 slaves can eat mortar shots and still work. even losing 10 with the general and bsb close by they stayed around.

HPA ended up fighting Steam tank and over 4 CC phases ground it down to 5 wounds out of 10 >< damn that thing is sick

Other HPA got stuck in with Luthor Hess and Knights unit. Fear actually worked 2 times and reduced the knights to needing 5's to hit, WS 1 VS WS3.

HPA were random and I could see them being worth their points. I have traditionally avoided using large monsters in the past due to high cost and no saves. the regenerate is awesome on the HPA

Last turn my opponents Metal Wizard got off a spell that made me test of models turned to gold. My luckless Grey Seer failed test and turned to gold along with 13 other clanrats.

Empire win - by 500 points. Which was pretty much just my Warlord and Grey Seer dying. Turn 4 would have seen the Skaven Wave finally make it to the enemies lines.

Friday, September 16, 2011

I hate dentists and mechanics

Sigh. last friday I bit down kinda funny and I think one of my crowns on my back molar came loose. I didn't think much until Sunday night when the side of my face swelled up and the tooth was definietly moving slightly. So I called and was able to go to my local dentist. 3 1/2 hours later and $450 dollars poorer I left with a large gaping hole where my tooth was. I'd already paid for a root canal and crown on that tooth and now I have a hole. It's just disgusting that all told I've spent $2000 on a hole. What's even worse is the dentist saying I could look into an implant. Well I did. 3,000 more dollars as a starting point. And I'm still unemployed through out this.
Which leads me into mechanics. 2 weeks ago I got my wife's car door window repaird. A nice $500.00 on that but there was a note. "head lights not working" So I checked and guess that they were not working. After a bit of testing ang googling I concluded it was the switch that was bad. So I took it to the mechanic this week, Only $250 to fix this, BUT one of the engine mounts was broken for only another $275 they could fix that also. /sigh /cry another $570.00 bill later they also so, BTW you need both wheel bearings replaced. For only another $400.00. I really have no clue how I'm going to pay for all this crap.

In other news.  converted up a Skaven Warlord on Bonebraker and 2 HellPit Abominations See my new Skaven link for pics.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Week in review.

It's been one heck of a week. I'm back in college full time. 17 hours if you don't count my 3 labs or 26 hours if you do. It's daunting but I got a letter stating that Wacker Poly will be giving me an interview sometime in the next couple of months and if I don't screw up the interview I may get a job offer. Will be so nice to know I have a $21/hr job waiting at the end of this 16 months of college, if I can get and keep a B average. Would be nice to just get ahead. I think we blew through 3-4K out of our savings just this summer trying to stay afloat. First the tornado and then not having a working kitchen plus car repairs have just killed us. I sold just over 1K of my warhammer models in the last month to keep us from draining more out of savings.
Alas school is a hive of scum and villainy, I started getting sick during my last class of the day on Tuesday and by the time I got home I was running 101 degree fever. I kind of collapsed into the bed and spent a horrible night. Thankfully I recovered enough to get back to class on Thursday, but my wife started to get sick and has ended up with a bad upper respiratory infection, probably broncitis. Took her to doctor but really can only wait it out.
Hobbywise, I'm pretty much done with my Orks. I spent some of my ebay monies and bought another Black Reach set worth of Orks. I've got all but the Nobz painted. I've decided that the old Speed Freeks are dead and gone. The best way for me personally is just to go 3x Battlewagons with maybe a few trukks in support. Unless GW releases a 5th codex for them soon, I probably will not add to the army. Too many units I have are just not up to what I want ( Meganobs, looking at you along with Trukk Boyz, Burnas, Tankbustas, Shoota Trakks.)
Originally when I decided to come back to the hobby, I bought a Fantasy Starter, but every time I went to Dicehead no one was playing. Even 2 tournaments I showed up just to watch didn't happen. But thanks to a post on TNwargamers. I decided to head on up to Dicehead today, but fate didn't make it easy or guilt free. My wife has broncitis, I thought I had her all set up to just rest this afternoon, but 5 minutes before I wanted to walk out the door, she starts yelling about water in the kitchen. Our brand new kitchen, which thanks to my in laws, was covered in water. Somehow the sink drain got stopped up and the damn dishwasher upchuked all over the floor. And in the process of me trying to clean it up and get the lines unclogged, I broke one of the pipe connections under the sink. I hate this new super light weight plastic crap you find a Lowes/Home Despot. But once we got it cleaned up, my wife said go anyway, you have had the new rules since December and still havn't gotten even 1 game in. GO and fix the sink when you get back or tomorrow. So I went.
I gave Phil a quick call, since he had invited me to team up with him for the team tournament that was a week or so ago. Which I had to decline due to the student at my wifes school dying and we went to the memorial service instead. Phil said he would head to Dicehead, this way I knew at least 1 player would be there. Anyway, I got into a 2v2 game and I just can't remember peoples names anymore. It's crappy, but after a few times I'll get better. It was Skaven(me) and Orcs VS Tomb Kings and Lizardmen. I've got to say that Fantasy has changed even more than 40k, I really wonder why people even bother putting terrain on the table. I was doing old style movement. going around low walls and avoiding forests. Pfft the other guys blew through it like it wasn't there and rereading the rules tonight thats pretty much how it is. Blocking line of sight - gone. they were shooting through melees to hit units. The tomb king player ate me alive. his 20 man archer block pounding out 40 shots a turn always with 5+ to hit. Just decimated my Skaven. I'd only brought 1 Chieftain and 1 - level 2 Warlock as my only characters since it was just a 1000 point list. He had a level 4 just on steroids, back by a Casket. It was insane. One magic phase was his 12 dice to our 4 dispel dice. He just stomped all over us, I don't know my old Skaven feel throughly beaten at the moment. Ratling guns are junk. price increase and having to roll to hit now, makes them far too expensive and with this new line of sight and ignoring trees/walls and pretty much everything else for blocking LOS I'm just not sure where to go. 13^2(my old army list becasise I got the whole thing to 169 models with multiples of 13 on almost everything) Is trash now. Plus in the middle of the game I get a frantic message from my wife. Our dog had a seizure while I was playing, theres nothing that can be done about them. We tried medicine, but the treatment is phenobarbatol and under that medicine the dog sleeps 22 hours a day and walks around drunk stumbling into stuff the other 2 hours. Its just not worth it. So I spent the last half of the game feeling guilty and the Tomb Kings player just got on my nerves. I made a quick measurement of 13 inches between my Stormvermin and his skeletons. He HAD to measure it again and loudly announce that it was 14 inches. Then mearuse again and again and walk to our side of the table to show me, and it was 13.5 inches. I rathered rudely told him to "Back Off" I'd already decided to charge some Skinks instead since they were closer. I do regret my tone, but I hope I got the point across to just drop it after the first time.
I left the store hurridly after the game. Phil showwed up while we were playing and I hope he got a good game in. The Orc and Goblin player wanted to play against his Beastmen. Fingers crossed that I didn't lead him astray.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Another sad week


The Class valedictorian of my wife's school died in a mototcycle accident this week. It's just incredibly sad to see someone who is a rising star. She was 4.0 student, class president, and valedictorian. Get killed in some senseless accident at the start of her senior year.
My wife all her coworkers and the students who knew her are all in shock and deep in sadness now. What a horrible way start a school year.

Monday, August 22, 2011

'Ard Boyz Wrap Up

I ended the 'Ard boyz tournament in dead last. Oh well I had hoped to finish much better but overall I had fun. I've got to get further away from 3rd and fully embrace 5th (or at least until 6th shows up next year)

Stuff I learned about the local Meta for tournaments

#1 8 players - 5 were SM, 1 eldar and 2 Ork Players. As normal SM is the army to build to fight against.
#2 Transports, Transports, Transports - All 3 armies I fought had 5-6 Rhinos. Razorbacks, Storm Ravens. I must build my future Ork builds to crack the crunchy outside and then crunch the chewy SM center.
#3 Deathstars really suck, can't rely on killing them outright with orks.
#4 Always hitting the rear armor on vehicles in assault is weird but I must just use it. my PK nobs at Str 9 on the charge. This is probably my most reliable way of breaking transports

Stuff I learned about Orks
#1 Not having the old Waagh Rules sucks. Old Rules I could double Initiative on the charge. So I went from 2 to 4. Now all Orks do is 2 to 3 with Furious Charge. So I will get hit and lose Orks before ever swinging a choppa
#2 Choppa how I miss you. No more 4+ Max Armor Save
#3 Meganoz died completely 2x before rolling any dice due to no longer having easy access to invulnerable saves. ( Using a Special character and one of my 2 precious HQ slots is not really an option)
#4 Increase to 12 Truck Boyz is nice.
#5 Increase to 5 DeathKoptas is nice and 2x Buzzsaws was awesome
#6 Due to always striking last 12 Truk Boyz is not enough bodies. Must increase unit size or double team in assault.
#7 KFF is not really optional - I save so many hits in the first 2 turns of most games I cannot see leaving this at home
#8 I've got to get used to my Warboss T5 is does make a difference he can survive S8 without instant death
#9 My old 3x Twin linked Big Shoota Trakks have just failed me for the last time. ever since sustained dice were removed it's been a slow and steady drop in power each edition. Gonna look for missiles to swap out the Shootas
#10 Deff Rollas - use them. Str 10 hits are so worth it.
#11 Scew Zzap guns. with the auto hit removed, its a worthless AP2 weapon.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Ard Boyz Round 3

After 2 losses I found myself at the bottom of the pile of dead bodies, but that also made it easier. Only 1 way to go and that was up.

I found myself fighitng Shane the store owner and his Space Marine army. In the beginning I was relaxed to not see 10+ terminators but I learned about Sternguard the hard way. 

Highlights of this game:
'Ard Boyz killing: 1 scout unit. 2 rhinos and 1 5 man SM squad, before meeting the Sternguard
5 Mega Nobs charge the Sternguard and evaporate before they even get to roll any dice.
Shane's poor beyond belief diffcult terrain rolls. I think his dread moved 6 inchs in 3 turns. Kept rolling, 1,2, 1,1, and 2,2 for movement.
Vindicator scattering and killing 2-3 of Shanes own marines.
Forgetting my Warboss. I had to deploy 1 hq and 2 troops at the start. I put my Warboss in a building and forgot about him until turn 4.

It was a good game and despite a loss by 520 points I had fun.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Ard Boyz Round 2

After a quick lunch. I headed back into the furnace that was Dicehead and moved to play my next opponent. I must confess I asked his name twice and still forgot it.
He had a Blood Angels army. I didn't get a list but here is what I remember

2x Storm Ravens
2x Scout squads - 4 sniper & 1 missile launcher
4x tactical squads all 5 man in Razor Backs, meltaguns everwhere
6 man assault terminator squad with an attached Priest/Apotecary? He gave Feel No Pain to the Terminators plus a Librarian
6 Man Terminator squad with a Librarian
2 sets of assault marines they both deepstruck in. not sure if one was some elite squad or not.
1-2 5 man devastator squad I think.
2 Landspeeders

The mission was Holding Objectives.  1 in each table quarter and 1 in very center of board.

For this game the Kustom Force Field was so awesome. I made saves on my 3 Battlewagons all over the place. Then the angels started landing.
1 squad of assault marines landed behind my advancing trukks. So I dropped off a squad and disembarked my Meganobz to deal with them. And ended up killing them with shooting. . . My Warboss was not happy. He hadn't killed a single beakie all day. ( In my first game I split my army to avoid the Lysander & 10 Terminators deathstar and my Meganobz never got stuck in)

This is where I got my green arse handed to me. I charged 12 boyz and a nob into the Terminator/Priest/Librarian Squad. The librarian gave them preferred enemy. So the 3 lighting claw marines were striking before me, rerolling to hit and to wound. 6 orks died. 2-3 more died to librarian/priest. I had 2 orks and a Nob left, between 2+ on the terms with FNP, the normal orks did nothing. The thunderhammer terms killed me off. The Nob missed 3 out of 4 attacks. the 1 that did hit and wound, got blocked by storm shield.

My orks did manage to wreck the land speeders. My Death Koptas were the little bit of light. The 2 Buzzsaws opened up 3 razorbacks over the course of the game and killed 1 5 man tact squad. The big shootas were decent at glancing the razorbacks. 12 shots twin linked at armor 11 was enough to at least annoy them, Then assaulting with 4 str 7 hits was very nice.

I got assaulted by the 2nd terminator squad jumping out of a storm raven into my meganobz. and  no invulnerable saves meant my meganobz just evaporated. I ended up with just my warboss broken who was escorted off the board by the storm raven. Storm Ravens proceded to pound my Battlewagons into mush. Multimeltas and the ap1 rockets are nasty on rear armor.

The one Oh crap moment for my opponent was when my Big Mek managed to hit one of his Storm Ravens in Close Combat, but then he only rolled 2 for penetration, 9+2 = 11. 1 short of glancing the armor 12.

The result was a massacare for me. no Troops left for me. But I had a great game my opponent was a great guy and we just had fun. I wish I could remember his name. I would really like a rematch against him.

The game ended when my last troop was killed on the center objective.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Ard Boyz Battle 1

I got to Dicehad and got paired with Perry for round 1. Perry is idk maybe 13-14 and playing an Imperial Fists army. I don't own a copy of the current Space Marine codex so I only have the few games I've played to get used to any tricks they have.

.... I was going to type up Perry's list and go over our battle report, since I have a copy of his list here with me, But looking over this list. It's odd. His troops choices are pretty much all identical.
3 of these 10x SM, meltagun, missile launcher, a Sgt with bolter, bolt pistol, 2 with Rhino and 1 with Razorback
2x 5 SM squads,  4x bolters, 4x bolt pistols and Sgt with bolt pistol and Chain Sword.
In razor backs

I'll go ahead and list rest of army.
1x Lysander
2x dreadnoughts in Drop Pods
10 Terminators 2x Cyclones
3 x 10 man marine squads
2x 5 man marine squads
1x 5 scout squad. ( on list listed as 4x sniper rifle for squad, and sgt has a sniper rifle also) Perry spent the game shooting at me with 4 sniper and 1 missle launcher. . .)

Its the tactical squads that caused me issues.
When I encountered these squads I expected to get hit with 6 attacks at Str 4. 4 attacks from the normal marines and 2 from the Sgt.  To my suprise the Sgts were hitting me with 4 attacks and Str 6 power weapons. Perry said he had spcial power weapons that added +2 str that he paid extra for. Looking at the attached summary I see that Chainswords grant + 1 attack just like any other close combat weapon but nothing mentioning Str +2. I do see that it looks like all Sgts start with 2 attacks base and +1 attack for Bolt Pistol and Chain sword. I was totally hosed by these squads. I would charge in with my Orks. get hit with 8 dice from normal marines ( apparently tact marines get 2 dice each) and then 4 Str 6 attacks from the Sgt. Id lose 4-5 orks. I'd attack back kill 2-3 marines and lose combat and get run down thanks to orc initative. This happened to my 4 boyz squads and the hard boyz squad.

At the time I was Ok with my 13-8 loss, despite Perry trying to misplace frag templates. He kept arguing that he didn't have to center them over a models base. He tried to shoot one of my Battlewagons when all he could see was a tip of a missile. That I couldn't attack with some of my orks. He kept saying it was only models within 2 inches of his models. Not within 2 inchs of a model is base contact.

Say we had this:


1- SM
A,B&C are all orks.
25 MM bases are basically 1 inch across all models are touching each others bases

By his rules only Orks A and B can attack because  C is more than 2 inchs from his marine
By my reading of the rules A,B&C can all attack, because the distance between A and C is the 1 inch of models B base. This makes a huge difference for Orks since Close Combat is where we do our damage.

I expect that rule disagrements will come up especially in a tournament. I'm Ok when things happen, but after all the different stuff that Perry pulled on me and looking at his list now I really have no desire to play this kid again.

Red Jaw back on the Waaaggh again.

So my mission was to attend "Ard Boyz. A 2500 point no composition, no painting score tournament. I had 10 days to bring my army out of retirement, blow the dust off, get the grots all slapped. tell the boyz it was time to go to war and get the nobz all oiled so their mega armor would move again.

I pulled out all the stops and painted like a mad man. Ended up painting up 40+ Orks. transformed my Omega Marines Land Raider into a Battlewagon for the Deffwing ( Ork Mega Nobs AKA Deffwing) Converets up a Spave Wolf Landraider into another Battlewagon. I had enough money from ebay to buy the Black Reach set to get my hands on more Orks. So off to Dicehead and picked that up. I finally had enough models and it was time to start the Waaagh Red Jaw back up. Here's my list.

HQ - Mega Armored Warboss. Ammo Runt

Big Mek with Kustom Forcefield, Power Klaw

Elite - 10 Burnas - Mounted in Old school Battlewagon ( Converted Mk 1 Landraider

5 Mega Armored Nobs - 2 Rokit, 2 Skorcha, (WTF no more retinue for Orks, no option for Cybork bodies. . .)  Mounted in Battlewagon - Death Roller, enclosed, extra armor, 2x rokit, 1 zaap gun

Troops - 4 squads of 12 boyz each in a Trukk - Nob with Power Claw, all with 1 rokit,

12 Hard Boyz - Nob with PK, big shoota (already painted/modeled) in Trukk

19 boyz - nob PK no special/heavy weapons - Mounted in Space wolf mobile

Fast Attack - 4x Deffkoptas 4x twinlinked big shootas ( the old metal models) 2x buzz saws

3x Trakks 3x Twin Heavy Shootas

3x Buggies - 2x Twin Linked Rokits, 1x Skorcha ( Hate mixing squads but all were painted already)

Heavy Support
Battlewagon - Mk 1 Land Raider - 2 big shootas, 1 zzap gun Holds Burnas and Big Mek with KFF

Battlewagon - Deff Squad - 2x rokits, 2x heavy shootas - Hold the 19 boyz squad

All Battlewagons are setup with Ard case ( not open topped anymore) Armor Plates ( stunned becomes shaken) Deff Rollers, grot riggers

Overall plan was the same run forward and get stuck in. The KFF battlewagon is hugged by the other 2 battlewagons to survive the storm of fire they are going to take.

Back in the Guard again.

Once I was officiall back in to hobby mode for 40k my first choice was to pick an army. I lucked up and found a copy of the current Imperial Guard Codex at a local used book store. So I pulled out my Death Corp of Krieg from there spot in storage. I havn't used them since the Battle for Armageddon which was 7+ years ago so they were out of date. \
I got an invite to play at a local gamers house and did a 2 v 1 game. 2x 1000 points of guard VS 2000 Space Wolves. It was a really enjoyable game. I kept making mistakes thinking of 3rd rules but the guys were nice enough to help me over the rough spots.
I then managed to get in a 2v2 game at Dicehead after spending the evening watching several games. Wow has 40k changed. So many transports... and Nothing but Space Marines everywhere. I learned that my infantry guard suck now. This new Kill Point system is broken. 1 point per squad. A Space Marine squad worth 150 + points is 1 KP. My 3 Imperial Guard squads costing 50 points each are 1 KP per squad. So The SM player only has to kill 2 IG squads to get 2 points. This is so broken. I wondered how come Deathwing armies were winning games but a 1500 point Deathwing squad is maybe 6-7 KP. My IG are 15+ for the same points. I just decided to give up on my IG for now. I don't have the $$$ to change my IG to a Mech. Vet Army with Vendattas.
I had already commited to play in the upcoming 'Ard Boyz tournament which had the bonus benefit of being free, but it's 2500 points.
So after these revalations I decided it was time to reach into my minature collection and pull another army out of storage.
Hmm Tau - I have 2000 points and my codex is still usable, but I never tuned my Tau into a competive army. It was more of a demo army. Pretty much just 1 of each unit. No way to make it up to 2500 easily.
Space Marines: I have who knows how many points of SM lying around. I did a custom chapter years ago. Called the Omega Marines. I simply used the Ultramarines transfers turned upsidedown to give my the Omega Symbol. Since it was a custom chapter I would buy the special rules for various codexes. I played them as Vanilla, Space Wolf, Blood Angels, Black Templars, Dark Angels, etc all I needed was the Codex. Of all my Codexes only Dark Angels was still valid. But I need the core SM codex to make it work. I just decided that in my 3 visits to Dicehead all I saw was SM, 10+ games watched all SM vs SM. I'm  selling off my marines and just not playing them.
Tyranids - my models are so out of date and from reading the various forums Nids just suck atm. If current players could see a 2nd Ed codex or the even better 3rd Ed build your own hive fleet lists they would pull out pitchforks and torches and head to GW HQ demanding a rewrite.
Chaos - I know I said no SM. but Chaos always played differently enough for me to consider them. Then I looked up the embarsement of a codex they have. . . . WTF screw this crap.
Sisters of Battle - Thought briefly about this but, sold my sisters on ebay instead, \
Grey Knights - New codex just came out and I've seen 4+ grey knight armies and no cash to buy new models to /off list. Plus they were SM.
Dark Eldar - I have enough points but all my raiders and ravagers are broken from moving and storage. Plus I hate transporting this army. Stuff always breaks. /off list
Eldar - I really enjoyed Eldar back in 2nd edition. Dangerous Farseers. Exarchs that were extremely cusomisable. etc, etc. But I just never felt they were good enough in 3rd Ed and I don't have the vehicles to bring them up to snuff in 5th.
Necrons - not enough models and my Star Wars Storm Trooper paint job just didn't turn out like I wanted.
Demons - I found a copy of the codex at teh used book store, but after looking at it and my models. It just didnt work. I used to have a Nurgle CSM army that I took to the 1997 Grand Tournament and came in 9th place overall with. But that was 2nd Ed and Nurgle has taken a hit ever since then. So Demons are out. PLus all mine on square bases and I didn't want issues with the old base size debate.
So all this lead me back to Orks. I built a Speed Freak List for the Battle of Armageddon Codex and they still looked viable.

Summer mega post

It's been a busy summer. With my wife home for the summer since she's a teacher I havnt posted anything. For a quick recap I finished painting our basement and got my game table, painting area and den set up. Also got our master bath redone completly. Our kitchen 1/2 redone. have new cabinets and flooring down. 1/2 of our hall bath is done. Was a real rush to get it all done.
I've decided to go back to school and going to Chat State as part of their new Wacker Institute. No job is guranteed but 53k sounds a whole lot better than all the jobs i've been looking at. I'm still looking for a job, just only part time now instead of full time.
Since I'm going back to school and my wife's job is always busy at the start of a new school year we have decided to completely quit Final Fantasy XI. Money is really tight because we spent 8 weeks without a working kitchen due to renovations. Ended up eating up part of our savings just to put food on the table. But life sucks for everyone now it seems. The final straw for quiting was FFXI changing their billing policy and making us buy Crysta or pay a shady 3rd party company calling Click and Buy. If you go with Crysta you never can pay the exact amount you owe. I'm an adult I don't overpay my bills. If the bill is 20.95 then I pay just that amount. I'm not buying 25$ of Crysta to pay a bill of $20.95. Totally retarded. And searching for Click and Buy finds nothing but hundreds of complaints. So I canceled all 3 of my accounts this week. Goodbye FFXI but you suck too much for me to play anymore.

If you look at my profile you'll see I have a huge collection of Games Workshop models. In order to make ends meet I'm selling off a huge amount of minatures. Check out ebay.com, Seller lordzerr.

Unpacking all my models to sell finally got me back in the mood to start playing again. I've wanted to since December last year but just didn't feel like I had the time or energy to restart the hobby after a 5 year break. Thanks to an old friend Waaghboss, I was able to get a 40k rule book and finally managed to meet a few people through the Fixed Dice gaming group and got some games in.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Life Sucks

How much can your life change in six months? I have just passed what has been the worst six months of my life.

Six months ago in November of 2010. I was happy. It looked like I was on top of the world. After 4 years of trying my wife and I were expecting our first baby. Then on November 23rd, 2 days before Thanksgiving my wife started bleeding. We were unable to get into see our doctor. Instead of getting to inform both of our parents that we were pregnant, we got to spend Thanksgiving going through a misscarriage. I will spare you the gory details. but it was horrible.  I ended up taking FLMA to be with my wife because she was so devastated by this.

I was working for Blue Cross Blue Shield of TN in the CoverTN department, but because that is a state funded program from the previous governor it recived no new funding this year. This caused BCBST to downsize my department and I lost my job on December 27th. I've been on unemployment ever since then. I look each week for jobs, but I fear I'll never recover by nearly 15$ per hour job I had, since all I am finding in the Chattanooga area is minimium wage jobs and the few higher paying jobs I've applied for have not lead to even an interview.

After the misscarriage my wife and I sought out a specialist and went on medication to try having a baby again. We were successful and got pregnant with twins this time. Everything was going so well. Then on May 5th, we went in for an ultrasound and no heartbeats. We decided to go the DNC route to remove the twins so my wife would not have the trauma of a home misscarraige, but this was Mothers Day weekend. It was worse than before.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Painting done!!!

Today I finally finished painting. I can finally pack away most of the painting stuff for a bit and move to the next stage. I'll be replacing all the electrical switches and outlets in the downstairs and then its furniture and studio set up time. I took some pics, but cannot find the damn cable to get the pics off the camera and onto the computer. :(

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Spring Break

Welcome back captive audience, I have loosened up the restraining collars a little this week so you can turn you head to the slide show.

I celebrated my 6th wedding anniversary to the best wife on the planet this past week and then had the week off with here because of spring break. I had planned to finish painting and setting up my studio but, didn't happen. We had a great week since FFXI was down due to Japans situation we spent most of the time doing other stuff. BOught Dragon Age 1 and 2. I really like #1, but #2 seems like a lame half ass spin off. You can't dress the other party members? I can kinda forgive not getting to pick your race because of the plot, but come on, at least use different maps. I give it 2 out of 5 :(

Also bought Swarm for the 360 off Xbox live and enjoyed many hours killing hundreds of thousands of little blue men. It is awesome.

Friday, March 18, 2011

My First watching of Warhammer 40k 5th Ed game

     A rare thing happened tonight. My wife had to attend some after work activities and I got the night free. I've been working hard this week painting the downstairs den in anticipation of getting my studio set back up. After 6 hours of painting yesterday, I spent today doing some errands and unpacking my Tau Army. I had decided to go to Dicehead Games to watch and maybe get in a game of Warhammer 40k 5th edition.
     I had already researched and I think almost all of my old Codexes are dead and useless now, except for Tau, Witch Hunters, Demon Hunters(this will be defunct in >2 months as Codex Grey Knights is coming out) and Dark Angels. I had noticed my Tau near the top of my mountain of gaming stuff and pulled them out.
     I made a standard army list using the Codex Tau Empires, while visions of battles in the past floated in my head. Then I packed them all up and headed to Dicehead.
     I arrived at Dicehead around 7:00pm later than I wanted but oh well. I was once again struck by the lack of product. I really don't know how the shop stays in business. It really looks like they only sell comic books, 40k, Warhammer, Flames of War, a small array of board games and Magic the Gathering cards. I'm sure there are other card games but I didn't look too close.
     Since I had brought Tau I just looked to see what they had. All I found was 1 box of Firewarriors and 1 Box of Kroot. I guess Tau are not popular since they are one of the oldest books now, but I'd hoped for a Piranha or a Crisi Suit.
     Anyways, I'd arrived to 2 players setting up for a game of 40k. A pair of nicely painted armies were facing off, Spave Wolves VS Witchhunters which was 99% sisters of battle, there was a preacher or something in 1 squad that was the only non sister model. I spent the next hour and a half ducking a cameraman and trying to stay out of the way to observe this game. Honestly the biggest thing that surprised me was all the Rhinos. The entire Sisters force was in Rhinos, I belive there were 6 Rhinos, supported by 2 Immolaters and 3 exorcists. The Space wolves had 4 Rhinos with troops inside, 3 Long Fang squads without transports, a large groups of marines on wolves(that was new to me, need to check if those were GW models or someone elses) and 2 scouts squads who were in reserve.
     I won't bore you with play by play action, but it really seemed very close to Third Edition. Other than shooting through terrain and tanks. I'm guessing blocking line of sight is gone now. The Space Wolf player just walked over the Sisters though. it was like curb stomping someone in Gears of War. Rhinos exploded link tissue paper. leaving craters behind (Space Wolf guy had custom Rhino sized craters to deploy his troops in but he ended up giving these to the Sisters player. I think the Sisters lost 4 tanks in the 1st round of Long Fang shooting and another 3 in the 2nd turn.
    I would have liked to stay and watch the final moments, but when I left the Space Wolf Scouts had just arrived from the back side of the board and were destroying the 2 remaing Exorcists. I think the Sisters player had ~15 models left alive and this was only turn 3.
    I still have the urge to start playing again, but Fridays seem dead. There was only 1 other 40k game going on and it was just as one sided, Blood Angels Vs Chaos, the Chaos player had not playied in 4 years and just didn't have the right army/models to stop the Blood Angels. 

In the beginning....

Hello captive audience I hope the restraints are not too tight. I just want to welcome you to The Bitz Box. I'm mainly attempting to chronicle my return to my much beloved and missed hobbies of painting tiny toy soldiers and pushing them across a table, but I suspect I'll wander from time to time to other subjects.