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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Life Sucks

How much can your life change in six months? I have just passed what has been the worst six months of my life.

Six months ago in November of 2010. I was happy. It looked like I was on top of the world. After 4 years of trying my wife and I were expecting our first baby. Then on November 23rd, 2 days before Thanksgiving my wife started bleeding. We were unable to get into see our doctor. Instead of getting to inform both of our parents that we were pregnant, we got to spend Thanksgiving going through a misscarriage. I will spare you the gory details. but it was horrible.  I ended up taking FLMA to be with my wife because she was so devastated by this.

I was working for Blue Cross Blue Shield of TN in the CoverTN department, but because that is a state funded program from the previous governor it recived no new funding this year. This caused BCBST to downsize my department and I lost my job on December 27th. I've been on unemployment ever since then. I look each week for jobs, but I fear I'll never recover by nearly 15$ per hour job I had, since all I am finding in the Chattanooga area is minimium wage jobs and the few higher paying jobs I've applied for have not lead to even an interview.

After the misscarriage my wife and I sought out a specialist and went on medication to try having a baby again. We were successful and got pregnant with twins this time. Everything was going so well. Then on May 5th, we went in for an ultrasound and no heartbeats. We decided to go the DNC route to remove the twins so my wife would not have the trauma of a home misscarraige, but this was Mothers Day weekend. It was worse than before.