My level 99 Monk from Final Fantasy XI

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Round 3 O&G or OMG

Round 3 saw me facing the Orcs and Goblins

Army as far as I know was

Level 4 Orc Shaman


level 2 goblin shaman

40 Savage Orcs

40 Savage Orc BIg UNs

50ish Night Goblins in Horde

12 Trolls

2 Mangler Squigs

Doom Diver

My good luck the previous game evaporated. My opponent got whatever the new Warpath spell is called off every magic phase and stomped 4-5 times each go. Due to my deployment he kept positioning the template hitting my Grey Seer and the clan rat unit he was in. And one of my HPA. I think I should have been getting Look Out Sir in retrospect, but it is a template so, got to look that up. Anyways stomp killed my Grey Seer in turn one and I was magically overwhelmed the rest of the game.

My clanrat/Warlord unit got into a fight with the trolls and here the Fellblade continued to fail me. The nice thing is with T4, 4 wound, 3+ armor save is really nice in a Skaven army. Bad thing is he cannot hide in any units. Since he is monstrous calvary. Even in a unit of Rat Ogres he could be picked out since they are Monstrous Infantry.

With my level 4 dead. Stomp, doom diver and manglers managed to bring down 1 HPA before it got into combat. The 2nd HPA made it into combat, with the goblins but later got flanked by the Big Uns and killed.

WFB Tourney round 2

Round 2 saw me doing a meeting engagement VS Lizardmen.

His Army

Slann - with thou shalt not get to keep any 6's ability

Saurus BSB

2 blocks of 25-30 Saurus

1 Skinks ~20 with 3 Kroxigor embedded

2 Salamander

2 units of cameleon skinks

Mission was a battle in the pass with us setting up on the narrow sides of the table 24 inches apart. Becasue of this both units of Chameleon skinks were able to infiltrate behind me and were pains in the butte the entire time.

Due to a house being in the way I ended up with my Warlord/clanrat/warp fire thrower unit being alone on 1 side of the house and the rest of the army clusted around my Grey Seer/clanrat unit on the other side. Grey Seer was general because I wanted the warlord to be expendible.

My opponents dice mainly decided to suck this game. The Warlords unit got double charged in the front by 1 Saurus Block with BSB and the Skink/Krox unit. And the Warlord's unit won combat 4 times in a row. The Fellblade was epic fail with usually only 2 of 4 attacks hitting and then only getting 1 wound. Bonebreaker was epic though killing 2 saurus a turn by himself. Clanrats poured attack onto the skinks and thanks to that kept winning the combat.

My Warpfire thrower misfired on its 1st shot, ran into the side of the house and exploded. . . .

One HPA got hit by Salamander and OMG do this things really have as many rules as this player was claiming? flaming attacks, massive - on the armor save and if you shoot them, it can hit the skinks instead and even if you hit the salamander you still just remove skinks. rules were really wacky and complicated. \

HPA's didn't die, only got to combat on the last turn and both got into  the other saurus unit and Wow, squishy lizards. Sauruse didn't run, but I never expect lizard men to run.

Last turn saw one of the slave blocks hit the side of the saurus unit involved with the warlord units combat and cause me to win that combat and break those units. I think I ran them both down, not sure.

My Grey Seer was stifled by the Slann most of the game, but in turn 3 I think, managed to Cracks Call and 1 shot the Slann.

My Gutter runners decided to come on behind my army and hence behind the cameleon shinks. Was able to destroy 1 unit and got the other unit down to 1 model left.

result Skaven win by Massacare - 1000 or so points in Skaven favor
Only VP Lizardment actually got were from the Warpfire thrower team.

Warhammer Fantasy Tournament

I attended a WFB tournament at Dicehead games. It was 2000 point limit and no other restrictions. I have a couple of pics in my Skaven link.

My army list was

Grey Seer - nekkid

Warlord - HA, Shield

This capped out my Lord limit hence no magic items on the Grey Seer


Level 1
Dispel Scroll
Death Globe

Doom Rocket


50 Slaves

50 Slaves

39 Clanrats - Full Cmd, Shields LA

36 Clanrats  - Full Cmd, Shields LA
Warp Fire Thrower

9 Gutter runners - Slings, poison


Hell pit abomination

Hell pit abomination

This army was an updated version of my old 13^2 Rogue trader army. But ouch times have changed.

I fought 3 battles for the tournament

Round 1 VS gunline Empire

I didn't get a copy of the army list so here it is as I remember it

Arch Lector on the War Altar

Luthor Hess on horse

Level 2 Metal Wizard

Level 2 Light Wizard


Unit of ~30 Swords men

Unit of 20 Knights

and I don't remember a 3rd core unit


Steam Tank

2 Mortars

2 Cannons

The mission was the diagonal deployment and you rolled to see if your units got delayed. My dice hated me and 4 units got delayed. 1 Slave Unit, 1 Clanrat unit, BSB and Warlock with dispel scroll

Unfortunately my opponent didn't have his army ready to go when we started and ~15 minutes were lost waiting on that. And since I can't leave the house without something going wrong. Last tournament one of our dogs had a seizure, this time kitchen flooding again. I cost us 5-10 minutes on phone calls on that.

Between that delay and a call from my wife about our dishwasher overflowing into the kitchen we were only able to get through 3 turns.

My highlights. I got irrestiable force on Skitterleap to put my warlock with death globe next to the Steam tank, and promtly lost 3 levels from the miscast chart. My other spell was Sealed of destructioned away. So level 1 no spell grey Seer.  Warlock then managed to toss the Death Globe 8 inches away from the Steam tank and died to grapeshot the next turn. I brought my Gutter Runners onto the table behind the gunline and forgot to shoot with them. Opponent declined to let me go back and shoot with them because we had already started HtH.
Warlord on Bonebreaker in clanrat unit ate a cannonball and died. So never got to evaluate him this battle.
Warpfire thrower, misfire and died on 1st attempted shooting.

Units of 50 slaves can eat mortar shots and still work. even losing 10 with the general and bsb close by they stayed around.

HPA ended up fighting Steam tank and over 4 CC phases ground it down to 5 wounds out of 10 >< damn that thing is sick

Other HPA got stuck in with Luthor Hess and Knights unit. Fear actually worked 2 times and reduced the knights to needing 5's to hit, WS 1 VS WS3.

HPA were random and I could see them being worth their points. I have traditionally avoided using large monsters in the past due to high cost and no saves. the regenerate is awesome on the HPA

Last turn my opponents Metal Wizard got off a spell that made me test of models turned to gold. My luckless Grey Seer failed test and turned to gold along with 13 other clanrats.

Empire win - by 500 points. Which was pretty much just my Warlord and Grey Seer dying. Turn 4 would have seen the Skaven Wave finally make it to the enemies lines.

Friday, September 16, 2011

I hate dentists and mechanics

Sigh. last friday I bit down kinda funny and I think one of my crowns on my back molar came loose. I didn't think much until Sunday night when the side of my face swelled up and the tooth was definietly moving slightly. So I called and was able to go to my local dentist. 3 1/2 hours later and $450 dollars poorer I left with a large gaping hole where my tooth was. I'd already paid for a root canal and crown on that tooth and now I have a hole. It's just disgusting that all told I've spent $2000 on a hole. What's even worse is the dentist saying I could look into an implant. Well I did. 3,000 more dollars as a starting point. And I'm still unemployed through out this.
Which leads me into mechanics. 2 weeks ago I got my wife's car door window repaird. A nice $500.00 on that but there was a note. "head lights not working" So I checked and guess that they were not working. After a bit of testing ang googling I concluded it was the switch that was bad. So I took it to the mechanic this week, Only $250 to fix this, BUT one of the engine mounts was broken for only another $275 they could fix that also. /sigh /cry another $570.00 bill later they also so, BTW you need both wheel bearings replaced. For only another $400.00. I really have no clue how I'm going to pay for all this crap.

In other news.  converted up a Skaven Warlord on Bonebraker and 2 HellPit Abominations See my new Skaven link for pics.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Week in review.

It's been one heck of a week. I'm back in college full time. 17 hours if you don't count my 3 labs or 26 hours if you do. It's daunting but I got a letter stating that Wacker Poly will be giving me an interview sometime in the next couple of months and if I don't screw up the interview I may get a job offer. Will be so nice to know I have a $21/hr job waiting at the end of this 16 months of college, if I can get and keep a B average. Would be nice to just get ahead. I think we blew through 3-4K out of our savings just this summer trying to stay afloat. First the tornado and then not having a working kitchen plus car repairs have just killed us. I sold just over 1K of my warhammer models in the last month to keep us from draining more out of savings.
Alas school is a hive of scum and villainy, I started getting sick during my last class of the day on Tuesday and by the time I got home I was running 101 degree fever. I kind of collapsed into the bed and spent a horrible night. Thankfully I recovered enough to get back to class on Thursday, but my wife started to get sick and has ended up with a bad upper respiratory infection, probably broncitis. Took her to doctor but really can only wait it out.
Hobbywise, I'm pretty much done with my Orks. I spent some of my ebay monies and bought another Black Reach set worth of Orks. I've got all but the Nobz painted. I've decided that the old Speed Freeks are dead and gone. The best way for me personally is just to go 3x Battlewagons with maybe a few trukks in support. Unless GW releases a 5th codex for them soon, I probably will not add to the army. Too many units I have are just not up to what I want ( Meganobs, looking at you along with Trukk Boyz, Burnas, Tankbustas, Shoota Trakks.)
Originally when I decided to come back to the hobby, I bought a Fantasy Starter, but every time I went to Dicehead no one was playing. Even 2 tournaments I showed up just to watch didn't happen. But thanks to a post on TNwargamers. I decided to head on up to Dicehead today, but fate didn't make it easy or guilt free. My wife has broncitis, I thought I had her all set up to just rest this afternoon, but 5 minutes before I wanted to walk out the door, she starts yelling about water in the kitchen. Our brand new kitchen, which thanks to my in laws, was covered in water. Somehow the sink drain got stopped up and the damn dishwasher upchuked all over the floor. And in the process of me trying to clean it up and get the lines unclogged, I broke one of the pipe connections under the sink. I hate this new super light weight plastic crap you find a Lowes/Home Despot. But once we got it cleaned up, my wife said go anyway, you have had the new rules since December and still havn't gotten even 1 game in. GO and fix the sink when you get back or tomorrow. So I went.
I gave Phil a quick call, since he had invited me to team up with him for the team tournament that was a week or so ago. Which I had to decline due to the student at my wifes school dying and we went to the memorial service instead. Phil said he would head to Dicehead, this way I knew at least 1 player would be there. Anyway, I got into a 2v2 game and I just can't remember peoples names anymore. It's crappy, but after a few times I'll get better. It was Skaven(me) and Orcs VS Tomb Kings and Lizardmen. I've got to say that Fantasy has changed even more than 40k, I really wonder why people even bother putting terrain on the table. I was doing old style movement. going around low walls and avoiding forests. Pfft the other guys blew through it like it wasn't there and rereading the rules tonight thats pretty much how it is. Blocking line of sight - gone. they were shooting through melees to hit units. The tomb king player ate me alive. his 20 man archer block pounding out 40 shots a turn always with 5+ to hit. Just decimated my Skaven. I'd only brought 1 Chieftain and 1 - level 2 Warlock as my only characters since it was just a 1000 point list. He had a level 4 just on steroids, back by a Casket. It was insane. One magic phase was his 12 dice to our 4 dispel dice. He just stomped all over us, I don't know my old Skaven feel throughly beaten at the moment. Ratling guns are junk. price increase and having to roll to hit now, makes them far too expensive and with this new line of sight and ignoring trees/walls and pretty much everything else for blocking LOS I'm just not sure where to go. 13^2(my old army list becasise I got the whole thing to 169 models with multiples of 13 on almost everything) Is trash now. Plus in the middle of the game I get a frantic message from my wife. Our dog had a seizure while I was playing, theres nothing that can be done about them. We tried medicine, but the treatment is phenobarbatol and under that medicine the dog sleeps 22 hours a day and walks around drunk stumbling into stuff the other 2 hours. Its just not worth it. So I spent the last half of the game feeling guilty and the Tomb Kings player just got on my nerves. I made a quick measurement of 13 inches between my Stormvermin and his skeletons. He HAD to measure it again and loudly announce that it was 14 inches. Then mearuse again and again and walk to our side of the table to show me, and it was 13.5 inches. I rathered rudely told him to "Back Off" I'd already decided to charge some Skinks instead since they were closer. I do regret my tone, but I hope I got the point across to just drop it after the first time.
I left the store hurridly after the game. Phil showwed up while we were playing and I hope he got a good game in. The Orc and Goblin player wanted to play against his Beastmen. Fingers crossed that I didn't lead him astray.