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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Defiler 3

I've assembled and done the base work on the Defiler as shown below. The majority of the conversion work will be to the external metal plates.
Here is a side by side shot of the front view. One of my main concerns for 'counts as' models is size. I want to reasonibly get the size the same. I think the height is close enough to count that as a success. The base of the Dreadknight is very close to the spread of the legs on the actual defiler so width is fine.
This shot reveals the one flaw, Depth is not the same. The back set of legs are 1 1/2 inches beyond the back of the base. Though honestly this only affects Blast Marker weapons who scatter.

This top view is a little more skew than it should be, Overall I am happy and don't expect any flak for taking this to friendly games or even any tournaments. It's height and width will let all the Missile launching, razorback hiding, Autocannon weilding players to shoot it just fine.

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