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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Delifer Conversion

Last month I attended a very nice little tournament at Organized Play in Knoxviller, TN. I had a lto fo fun and walked away with Best Sportsmanship and a shiny new Grey Knight DreadKnight. Here is the story of how it got corrupted to Chaos.
This is a dry assembly picture. Not much has been done to the kit yet.

You may observe the claws instead of the hand from the normal kit. In my mind Chaos pretty much always has claws or some sort of sharp bits. The claws were made from the old Imperial Guard Bullbozer. Here they are shown cut apart.
Here you can see the claws glued together and the magnets I installed inside the wrist and to the claw itself. This will allow me to portray 'Weapon Destroyed' results very easily. I simply pull off the claw. Both arms have been modified this way.

Since a lot of people are kinda picky about vehicle destroyed markers I decided to just make it so I could destroy the defiler without removing it from the table. Here you can see 2 magnets installed in the waist section.
And the corresponding magnets in the upper section. I can now remove the top half of the model and just leave the base and legs standing on the battlefield to represent it being destroyed.

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